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Welcome to the homepage of Valhalla: Rift - Hammerlord. We fight in the name of the Gods and slay all who oppose them. In game we have many laughs and try our hardest to remain unique with how we play the game. Rift is expansive and allows you to go inbetween the lines when you're making a class so we try to encourage doing that for a thrill.

To all current members: You are a soldier in Valhalla, golden hall of Odin. We have but one goal, fulfill the wishes of the Gods!

Also, you must register here in order to rank up in game. Make an account (try to get your name), and add yourself to the roster. Anyone in the roster can rank up in game. Thank you for being cooperative.
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Valdyrinn, Mar 19, 11 2:34 PM.
I'll put music up soon. Once the site stops being slow >.>


Valdyrinn, Mar 19, 11 12:14 PM.
New guild site! We can expand ever faster now! Let us reign and destroy everything in our paths!
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We are a leveling PvE based guild, we would like to do raids in the future but we are still casual. Growing steadily but surely. We do not restrict by level, we don't care how you want to play as long as you're respectful. Get in contact with Valdyrinn, Ulfrinn, or Gwenyth for an invitation or more
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